shiitake mushroom extract powder

Product Description

What is Shiitake Mushroom Extract Powder

Delight in the superb craftsmanship of KINTAI's shiitake mushroom extract powder, a remarkable achievement originating from a community of cutting-edge research and sophisticated product development pathways. deposited as a premier manufacturer and supplier in the assiduity, KINTAI takes pride in its state-of-the-art Researched and Development center, product base, and slice-edge outfit that inclusively contribute to the creation of an unequaled product.

At the van of our commitment is a grim pursuit of excellence, apparent in our investment in slice-edge technology and advanced installations. Our R&D center serves as an invention mecca, where a devoted platoon of experts collaborates to explore the full eventuality of shiitake mushrooms, icing that our extract powder stands as a zenith of quality and efficacity.

The product process is a show of perfection and effectiveness, supported by our advanced product base and state-of-the-art outfit. Each step is strictly executed to save the integrity and energy of the shiitake mushroom's salutary composites, performing in a decoration extract powder that embodies the substance of nature's virtuousness.

KINTAI's fidelity to quality is further corroborated by multiple patents, instruments, and the prestigious Quality System Certification. These accolades emphasize our commitment to upholding the loftiest assiduity norms, assuring our guests that each batch of shiitake mycelium extract is extracted with perfection and adheres to strict quality control measures.

Elevate your well-being with KINTAI's decoration shiitake mycelium extract – a testament to our unvarying commitment to excellence, invention, and the grim pursuit of superior quality in health and heartiness products.


Discover the famed health benefits within every flyspeck of KINTAI's shiitake mushroom extract powder, celebrated for its exceptional composition of potent bioactive composites. At the van of its nutritive profile are polysaccharides, beta-glucans, and ergosterol, combining to deliver a holistic approach to supporting colorful angles of well-being.

It stands as a redoubtable supporter in fortifying the vulnerable system, thanks to the presence of vulnerable-boosting polysaccharides and beta-glucans. These bioactive composites work synergistically to enhance the body's defense mechanisms, promoting adaptability against external pitfalls and supporting overall vulnerable function.

Beyond vulnerable support, our extract contributes to cardiovascular health, a pivotal element of comprehensive well-being. The addition of beta-glucans in the expression has been associated with positive goods on cholesterol situations, potentially serving cardiovascular function and promoting a healthy heart.

also, the shiitake mushroom extract is rich in ergosterol, an emulsion with antioxidant parcels. These antioxidants play a vital part in combatting oxidative stress and inflammation, contributing to the conservation of cellular health and mollifying the goods of free revolutionaries.

KINTAI's commitment to holistic health is reflected in the versatility of our shiitake extract powder. It serves as a natural and potent addition to a healthy life, offering a unique mix of bioactive composites that give a sustainable boost to vitality and adaptability. Embrace the natural virtuousness reprised in every serving and elevate your well-being with it.


AppearanceFine Powder
Moisture Content≤ 5%
Particle Size80 mesh

Application Fields

Our shiitake extract powder finds operations in colorful diligence, including medicinals, salutary supplements, functional foods, and cosmetics. Its rigidity and purity make it an ideal component for a wide range of products, feeding to different consumer requirements.

OEM and ODM Services

KINTAI stands as your trusted mate, offering comprehensive OEM and ODM services. We unite with guests to customize products that meet specific conditions. Our intertwined service results ensure that your vision is restated into exceptional, high-quality products.


  1. What sets it apart? Our product is distinguished by its premium quality, potent bioactive compounds, and comprehensive certifications.

  2. Can I request a customized formulation? Yes, KINTAI provides tailored solutions through our OEM and ODM services, allowing you to create a unique product.

  3. How fast is the delivery process?KINTAI prioritizes efficiency, ensuring fast delivery without compromising on quality.

In conclusion

In conclusion, KINTAI's shiitake mushroom extract powder stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. With a focus on quality, customization, and efficient service, we invite professional buyers and global dealers to experience the transformative benefits of it. For inquiries and orders, please contact us at Elevate your products with KINTAI – where quality meets innovation.