OEM&ODM Service

KINTAI is a major manufacturer of herbal extracts and a professional supplier to provide OEM & ODM service. We can produce Formula Powders, Granules, Capsules, Tablets upon your specific requirements.

We not only provide good quality products, but also with best solutions for your business.

For detailed OEM services, welcome contact us or send email to health@kintaibio.com for more information>> Contact Us

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Instant Drink Powder/Granules

A busy life become normal for countless people around the world, with less time in the morning to making tea, squeezing juice,grounding coffee,etc. The ease of natural instant powder makes drinking more relaxed and enjoyable.

Instant drinking is becoming increasingly popular not only because it’s quick and easy to use – but also because it can be mix with many nutritious ingredients, tasty and often full of health benefits.


●Easy to absorb.

●Can contain higher doses than tablets or capsules.

●Formula Powders are designed to taste good can be enjoyable to your buyers.

●Packed in stick and sachet per serving are easy to take.

●Give your customers an easy way to take partial doses if they prefer.

●Granules have a fine, powdery texture that dissolves quickly in water.

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Supplement Capsules

Capsules are popular as supplements especially among people in Europe and America because easy to take and carry. Capsules consist of two shells, fitted together with your formulation inside. Our capsule content are extract from natural herbal with unique effects that helpful for health enhancement.


●Easy to swallow

●Minimal odors

●More accurate dosages

●Deliver types of supplements that tablets can’t

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Nutritional Tablets

Tablets offer an easy way to quickly consume the formulation. A tablet can dissolve in the mouth, in the stomach, or the intestines, meaning that your supplement formula will function in a way that bring the best results. Additionally, tablets can be manufactured in different shapes and sizes with many coating and imprinting options.


●Accurate dosing

●Some ingredients cannot be pressed into tablet form

●Slower absorption into the bloodstream than capsules

●Easy to identify due to differences in color, size, and shape

●May require coating to reduce unpleasant taste/protect quality

●Coating and type can increase price of finished product

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Customized Packaging

We have more options of packaging to choose which are hot selling in the market , welcome contact us for more information>> Contact Us

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