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KINTAI is a professional manufacturer and supplier of ferulic acid powder. We are focused on giving top-notch items to our clients. Here are the critical benefits and selling points of our item:

1. High Virtue: Our item is obtained from normal sources and goes through a thorough cleansing interaction, guaranteeing high immaculateness and quality.

2. Numerous Advantages: it offers different advantages, including cancer prevention agents, mitigating, and skin-lighting-up properties. It very well may be utilized in a great many applications, like dietary enhancements, beauty care products, and skincare items.

3. Security Affirmation: Our item goes through severe quality control and testing to satisfy global guidelines and guidelines. Our assembling offices are GMP-guaranteed, keeping rigid strategies and security guidelines to guarantee item wellbeing and strength.

4. OEM and ODM Administrations: We offer OEM and ODM administrations to meet your particular prerequisites. Our experienced team can help you customize the product formulation, packaging, and labeling. We provide integrated solutions from production to delivery, ensuring high-quality products and timely shipment.

5. Enormous Stock: We keep an enormous stock to guarantee brief conveyance and speedy reaction to client requests.

6. Proficient Group: Our group comprises experienced experts who offer thorough specialized help and brilliant client care.

Assuming that you are thinking about pure ferulic acid powder for your particular requirements, if it's not too much trouble, go ahead and get in touch with us at health@kintaibio.com. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality Pure Ferulic Acid and exceptional customer service to meet your requirements.


Product Details

Ferulic acid powder is a natural compound that offers various benefits for different applications. It is a phenolic compound found in the cell walls of plants like rice, wheat, and oats. Our item is delivered utilizing trend-setting innovation, guaranteeing high immaculateness and quality.


Chemical & Physical Properties

CAS Number1135-24-6Molecular Weight194.184
Density1.3±0.1 g/cm3Boiling Point372.3±27.0 °C at 760 mmHg
Molecular FormulaC10H10O4Melting Point168-172 °C(lit.)
Common Nameferulic acidFlash Point150.5±17.2 °C

Ferulic acid production process

The production process typically involves several steps. Here is a point-by-point portrayal of the interaction:

1. Natural substance Choice: The initial step is to choose reasonable unrefined components for the development of Ferulic Corrosive Powder. Ferulic corrosive is a characteristic compound found in different plant sources like rice grain, wheat grain, and oats. The natural substance picked will rely upon elements like accessibility, cost, and the wanted nature of the end result.

2. Extraction: The subsequent stage is the extraction of ferulic corrosive from the chosen unrefined substance. This can be accomplished through different techniques like dissolvable extraction, steam refining, or enzymatic extraction. Dissolvable extraction is the most regularly utilized technique, where the unrefined substance is blended in with a reasonable dissolvable (like ethanol or methanol) to remove ferulic corrosive.

3. Filtration: When the extraction interaction is finished, the blend is sifted to eliminate any contaminations or strong particles. This helps in obtaining a clear solution of ferulic acid.

4. Concentration: The sifted arrangement is then focused on building the grouping of ferulic corrosive. This should be possible by dissipating the dissolvable under decreased pressure or by utilizing methods, for example, rotational vanishing or vacuum drying.

5. Crystallization: After fixation, the arrangement is chilled off to incite crystallization of ferulic corrosive. Crystallization can be achieved by controlling the temperature and slowly evaporating the remaining solvent. The resulting crystals are then separated from the mother liquor using filtration or centrifugation.

6. Drying: The separated ferulic acid crystals are dried to remove any remaining moisture. This can be done by air drying or using techniques such as freeze-drying or spray drying. The drying process helps in obtaining it with the desired moisture content.

7. Grinding and Packaging: The dried ferulic acid crystals are then ground into a fine powder using suitable grinding equipment. The powder is then painstakingly bundled in impenetrable compartments to guarantee its security and forestall dampness retention.

It is critical to take note that the particular subtleties of the creation cycle might differ depending on the producer and the size of the creation. Furthermore, adherence to great assembling rehearses (GMP) and quality control measures are critical to guarantee the virtue and nature of the last ferulic acid powder item.



  • Antioxidant: It safeguards the skin from hurtful free extremists, diminishing indications of maturing and advancing by and large skin wellbeing.

  • Anti-inflammatory: It has calming properties that can assist with lightening skin redness, disturbance, and aggravation.

  • UV security: It works synergistically with sunscreen to upgrade UV assurance and forestall harm brought about by sun openness.

  • Skin easing up: It represses the creation of melanin, advancing an all the more even complexion and decreasing the presence of dull spots.

  • Anti-Inflammatory Drugs.png


  • Skincare: It tends to be utilized in different skincare items like serums, creams, and moisturizers to give cell reinforcement and hostile to maturing benefits.

  • Pharmaceuticals: It is utilized in the detailing of drug items for its calming and potential enemy of disease properties.

  • Food and refreshments: It is a characteristic food-added substance and cell reinforcement utilized in the development of well-being food varieties, drinks, and dietary enhancements.



Q: How might I arrange it?

A: You can reach us or through our site to put in a request and talk about your prerequisites.

Q: What is the timeframe for realistic usability of it?

A: The time span of usability is two years when put away in a cool and dry spot.

Q: Is it okay for effective use?

A: Indeed, it is okay for effective use, however kindly talk with your dermatologist for explicit worries.

In conclusion, KINTAI is a professional manufacturer and supplier of ferulic acid. We have a research and development center, production base, advanced equipment, numerous patents, and quality system certifications. We support custom product development and provide integrated service solutions. With fast delivery and secure packaging, we are the ideal choice for your pure ferulic acid powder needs. If you are seeking pure ferulic acid, please feel free to contact us at health@kintaibio.com.


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